If you’re a retail trader, we don’t need to tell you that stock loss soaks up profit in Australian retail stores.

In August 2023 the Australian Financial Review reported that ASX-listed Coles Group had flagged that stock loss was up 20 per cent in fiscal 2023. This was due to higher rates of theft across its 850 stores. 
Read more about how the retail shoplifting epidemic is playing out here:
Small retailers are also suffering, as the cost of living crunch drives more people to consider criminal activity. Major organised crime rings are finding a ready market for pilfered goods, with people whose ethics are questionable. 
A further problem for retailers is the fact that some shoplifters resort to violence when challenged by retail or loss prevention staff.
We don’t know if video surveillance will solve shoplifting, violence against staff or ram raid problems. But we do know one thing. The combination of SecurityNet Design and RMM Services, MOBOTIX and IPTECHVIEW cloud storage will ensure you are not only able to capture the best video evidence of offences, but are able to present evidence-quality images to police on demand.


Video Alarm Verification With Your Existing Alarm

Regardless of light conditions, reliable detection of unwanted persons can trigger alarms automatically through analytics technology and event triggers. The technology provides instant notification (easily configured by the user). You can set time ranges to receive alerts by SMS or email. Your notification links you to an instant view of what is going on, at any covered locations.

Using object detection and UltraLow Light sensors, MOBOTIX systems not protect the store itself but warehouse space and roof entry points while also being a deterrent for would be intruders. MOBOTIX cameras are easily linked to alarm and access control systems.


Point of Sale Integration

Video technology can also be linked to your POS system, so that synchronous evaluations of POS movements and video images are possible. This allows inventory or cash register discrepancies to be effectively clarified.

  • Prevent in house stock theft

  • Detect shoplifting

  • Prevent burglary

  • Violence deterrence

  • Money monitoring

    MOBOTIX c26 Indoor 360°

Discreet in appearance

With their discreet or completely concealed camera housings, MOBOTIX cameras blend inconspicuously into store interiors. Thanks to their flexibility (S16, S74) and hemispherical all-round view (c26, Q26), large areas can also be covered with just a single camera – discreet, powerful and above all, easy on the budget.

Design of Retail Systems

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SecurityNet’s design service will develop the best strategy for detection and recording criminal activity in your store. We’ll discuss all the key issues with you, listen to your concerns, and propose solutions. We’ll even draw your camera layout, on your floorplan. This will show horizontal lens angles for a chosen camera resolution (in megapixels) and the distances at which Detection, Observation, Recognition and Identification can be achieved.