Sensing Need But Respecting Privacy

Video-sensing in Care Settings

Until recently, health and aged care providers have  relied on physical actuating devices integrated with nurse call systems or emergency alert transmission systems. These systems are unfortunately prone to false triggering, or rely on the mental acuity of a patient or in-home care client.

MOBOTIX c71 NurseAssist – powered by Kepler Vision Technologies

Falls detected too late and  atypical bed-exit can now be avoided. Intelligent MOBOTIX sensor technology supports hospitals, nursing homes, retirement hostels, NDIS share homes and Home Care clients. It works effectively and cost-effectively in protecting patients and those in need of care – automatically around the clock.

System Features
  • Automatic fall detection and alarm
  • Leave-bed detection
  • Privacy: Live images are not stored
  • Data protection: Decentralised video analysis directly in the device
  • More peace and quiet: less disruption from nurse visits
  • Easy integration into nurse call systems
  • Simple commissioning, scalable at any time
CLOUD Integration
SecurityNet CLOUD remote monitoring and maintenance of your MOBOTIX c71 system(s) and Kepler Vision Technology make sure that care personnel and technical personnel get timely and appropriate notifications. This happens automatically, without client privacy being violated.
MOBOTIX c71 – The Perfect Camera for Caregiver Situational Awareness

SecurityNet Design Expertise

SecurityNet has broad experience in designing security and nurse call systems for aged care providers. Our systems design work usually also includes integrated MOBOTIX video surveillance systems.

We are conscious of the need for technology that is reliable but at the same time has appropriate privacy controls and respect for human dignity.

Image by Kepler Vision Technologies
MOBOTIX c71 Indoor Hemispheric Camera with Infrared and White Light Illuminators - click to download more information.

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