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SecurityNet Australia has partnered with IPTECHVIEW™ to bring a new level of security, remote monitoring and maintenance to owners of video surveillance systems.

Your Cyber Secure Solution

You may be considering video surveillance cameras with Internet remote access, but have concerns about complexity and cyber security. The Internet is awash with warnings about  hackers gaining access to networks via network cameras. It’s hard to know if you’ve taken all the right steps to secure your network.

Internet-connected video surveillance cameras are great, but why are they so hard to configure and secure? Well, now it’s easy!


Our Cloud-based video surveillance solution will enable you to view live and recorded surveillance video from your cameras, with any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. 

It’s completely hassle-free – no apps to install, no fiddling with modems and firewalls, no cyber security issues and no responsibility for ensuring that recording devices are running.

OUR IPTECHVIEW – ENABLED CAMERA BRANDS – click logo to explore: 


SecurityNet pre-configures these intelligent megapixel cameras to connect directly to the IPTECHVIEW Cloud. You even have the option of recording surveillance video or time-lapse images in the Cloud. All our video surveillance cameras have an inbuilt, replaceable SD flash memory card. You get Video-on-Demand regardless of whether you choose :

  • Just the video stored within your cameras.
  • A local storage device – network attached storage unit or Network Video Recorder
  • Storage in the IPTECHVIEW cloud. No server or NVR necessary! 

If you choose MOBOTIX IoT cameras, all our models have a unique video storage file system. Your cameras manage their own recordings, and all files are encrypted. The file system synchronises local and Cloud recording, and deals with Internet outages and speed fluctuations. 

You choose the number of days you want to keep video in the Cloud, and the times when you want your cameras to send video. You are always in control of your subsciption cost, and can change at any time.

SecurityNet is a Master Security Licence holder in NSW, with a licensed security consultant always available to advise you. We will guide your technology choices, and assist with your camera system design.

Your Subscription

Your subscription includes our 10-point Service Charter:

  1.  The option of SecurityNet Australia supplying your video surveillance cameras and all networking equipment as a kit, or a turn-key system, fully installed and Internet-enabled.
  2. Kits come with comprehensive instructions for installation by you, or your trusted technician or electrician.   
  3. Pre-configuration of your video surveillance cameras to connect automatically to IPTECHVIEW Cloud.
  4. Setting up of your SecurityNet Cloud account to provide remote access for all your users.
  5. Monitoring the operation of your video surveillance cameras continuously. 
  6. A simple web application to enable you to control who can access live and recorded  video.
  7. Notifications of events that are generated by your video surveillance cameras, by SMS and/or email.
  8. Direct communication of any abnormal conditions detected by your cameras or the Cloud servers.
  9. Prompt attention to your requests for any alterations to your service.
  10.  The ability to change or cancel your subscription at any time with a pro-rata money-back guarantee.

We are happy to submit a quotation for your Video Surveillance System equipment and IPTECHVIEW subscription. 

Quotations for installation will be submitted after a site visit by SecurityNet’s licensed installation partner in your region.

You can meet us initially through an online meeting app of your choice. Please contact us by phone or email in the first instance. 



Belief in Innovation • Secured by Design

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SecurityNet Australia is a respected MOBOTIX partner with deep learning of the features functions and benefits of this innovative product range.These intelligent cameras not only reinforce or core beliefs, but have the ruggedness and longevity expected in industrial applications.  

Globally, smart businesses are already moving their critical processes and data storage to Cloud data centres, owned and operated by major information technology companies. 

These centres are staffed continuously, have no-break, environment-friendly power and climate control systems and sophisticated physical and cyber security.

Isn’t it wise to make sure your vital data is stored in a secure, continuously powered 24/7 data centre?

IPTECHPartners like us are already monitoring thousands of cameras located in more than 20 countries.

At SecurityNet Australia, we’ve been managing cameras over the platform since early-2020. 

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With SecurityNet CLOUD, management of your cameras not only becomes easier, but callouts and servicing costs are dramatically reduced.

SecurityNet knows the MOBOTIX / IPTECHVIEW eco-system well, and we will commit to:

  • Remotely monitoring and managing all the important operating parameters of your cameras.
  • Keeping the firmware (internal camera software) up to date.
  • Knowing when the camera’s storage card is degraded and needs replacement.
  • Detecting any abnormal conditions that may affect continuous performance.

You decide who can access your system, and what notifications are sent to whom.

Security of recorded video is one of the core principles of Video Surveillance as a Service, and we are happy to advise you on your cloud vs local storage options. 

The perfect solution for your security and video surveillance needs.


SecurityNet has been engaged as a security systems consultant by several councils in New South Wales. We’ve designed integrated systems for council offices, civic centres,  water and wastewater plants, council depots and sporting facilities. 

SecurityNet has also designed high availability wireless safety camera systems  for city streets. Linking cameras to local audio devices, to trigger recording when an alarm sounds (even in public locations) is simple with Alarm-Ready™ from IPTECHVIEW. Every MOBOTIX IoT camera has two-way speech and messaging capability compatible with digital phone systems. 

IPTECHVIEW allows local government staff and police to securely remote access cameras at multiple locations. They are able to access surveillance video stored in the IPTECHVIEW Cloud  at any time, without intervention from overworked IT support staff. 

Building and facility managers are frequently responsible for a vast range of services for their numerous tenants. They have little time for the additional responsibility of ensuring that their cameras remain operational. 

They are frequently called upon to provide recorded video at any hour, and don’t appreciate callouts to site in their private time. 

IPTECHVIEW allows them to access live and recorded video, using any device, from anywhere, without calling on IT Support. The microphone of MOBOTIX IoT cameras can be configured to detect the sound of a siren or screamer at a nearby tenancy, to trigger recording when an alarm sounds. Alarm-Ready™ from IPTECHVIEW is already configured in every camera by SecurityNet.

Facility Owners’ and Managers’ Duty of Care in spaces open to the public makes secure storage of surveillance video more important than ever.

Safe Work. Australia, on its website, warns employers that Work health and safety (WHS) laws apply when workers work from home. Just as they do in traditional workplaces such as offices. Managing WHS risks is a process that all employers must go through. Equipping home offices with intruder detection and video-verified emergency alarms is a wise risk management strategy, for both the safety of WFH workers and the assets they work with.

Regardless of whether you are employer or a freelancer, you should consider video surveillance of your workplace. MOBOTIX cameras with inbuilt security analytics like intrusion detection and missing object detection can eliminate the need for addition detection devices. The cameras will send you email or sms notifications any time they are triggered. Cloud notifications and recording works very well with analytics applications, and assists in identifying crime events during and after the fact.


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