Commercial Buildings, Industrial Estates and Business Parks

Building and facility managers are frequently responsible for a vast range of services for their numerous tenants. They have little time for the additional responsibility of ensuring that their cameras remain operational. 

They are frequently called upon to provide recorded video at any hour, and don’t appreciate callouts to site in their private time. 

Facility Managers’ Duty of Care in spaces open to the public makes secure storage of surveillance video, and in particular, still images of offenders critically important. 

SecurityNet CLOUD, powered by IPTECHVIEW or MOBOTIX CLOUD allows building managers, facility managers and executives to access live and recorded video, using any device, from anywhere, without calling on IT Support.

MOBOTIX IoT cameras can be configured to detect the sound of a siren or screamer at a nearby tenancy, to trigger recording when an alarm sounds.

We’ll also make sure you have redundant storage, in camera and in the IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM or MOBOTIX CLOUD.

Monitoring Carparks

Vaxtor Number Plate Recognition

Vaxtor Recognition Technologies is a software technology company with offices in the UK, USA, Spain and Singapore. Vaxtor develops high performance license plate recognition technology which runs on the MOBOTIX 7-series cameras.

The software is embedded on the MOBOTIX camera and reads number plates from all states of Australia.

Vaxtor has the trust of many well-known global firms with many thousands of systems deployed worldwide resulting in the company’s rapid growth rate since 2013.

In commercial buildings, vehicle owners need the re-assurance that, in the event of damage to, and/or theft of vehicle contents, building management has captured usable images. 

Unfortunately, all video surveillance systems are not equal, and many cameras provide poor images in low light or don’t have sufficient detail to capture number plates or enable recognition of offenders

MOBOTIX Seven series cameras with in-camera AI apps detect license plates in real time, allowing vehicles to be identified using applications such as tracing or access control. Combined with make, model and colour recognition, identification is even more precise. If you prefer to record events in the CLOUD, SecurityNet will advise you on your options with either MOBOTIX CLOUD or IPTECHVIEW subscriptions.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Real time number plate recognition
  • Software embedded in the MOBOTIX 7 platform
  • Easy to install, set up and configure
  • 4 neural networks for world-wide plate recognition
  • Recognition rate >99%
  • Traffic speeds up to 160 km/h
  • Multiple reporting options
  • In-house programme of continuous development