• View live and recorded video from your cameras on any computer or mobile device without installing apps
  • Access AI Analytics data generated by apps installed in cameras
  • Cyber Secure Virtual Private Network connection 
  • Notification and connection to alarm events
  • End user administration of privacy and viewing privileges
  • IPTECHPartner administration of system health and configuration.


Hosted in AWS data centres with advanced security, power, failover and environmental systems.

Platform supports an ever-growing range of VPN-enabled IT and physical security devices.

  • Just cameras and cloud
  • No on-premises servers
  • Optional cloud video or event image storage
  • Hybrid video storage options
  • Reduced need for callout service = net reduction in carbon emissions and service costs


Bridging On-Premise Quality With Cloud Surveillance Efficiency

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The CAMViewer is an on-premise live video streaming appliance that connects to any monitor or TV over HDMI to show a 4K Video Wall of local cameras.

This powerful yet compact appliance is designed so that owners of an IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE (Cloud VMS) system can effortlessly see 24/7 live video streams of compatible cameras to any monitor or TV without needing a PC. With its sleek and elegant design, it seamlessly integrates into any environment and turns a TV in a manager’s office into his personal video wall on demand.

Each unit can be configured remotely and managed by power users to show a grid and the cameras that present them precisely what they need in the format they need.

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