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Distribution Centres

In warehouses, there is often a need to examine stored video of goods being loaded and unloaded. Every frame must be perfect to enable goods to be identified in the event of a delivery dispute. MOBOTIX cameras with their unique MxPEG video compression, fixed factory-focused lenses and SD card buffering ensure the recording of perfect still images.

SecurityNet is adept as designing MOBOTIX video surveillance systems. We have a long history of designing integrated and unified industrial systems.

 We can assist you with design and preparation of procurement documentation for RFPs and Tenders.

Our Technology Partner Innovations

Industry Focused Products


Intelligent cameras with Artificial Intelligence are big right now. But cameras precisely made for the requirements of different industries, that requires new thinking. It’s not about designing chips with a feature set that copies your competitors, it’s about having a flexible, open platform, where nearly anything is possible.

MOBOTIX video systems are designed to meet customers’ very particular and individual challenges in specific areas. They are open to third party developers, and MOBOTIX will even develop specific applications for individual customers.

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In its industry reports, MOBOTIX shows you how customers use state-of-the-art video technology. 

Thanks to the flexible MOBOTIX 7 platform and its network-independent apps that are integrated directly into the camera firmware, you can protect and optimise production processes with MOBOTIX 7 and the M73.

With MOBOTIX CLOUD or IPTECHVIEW you can receive notifications of defined events that are triggered by 7 Series in-camera AI. Some in-camera apps come free, some can be installed as a bundle and tailored to your needs. 

SecurityNet’s skills enable the integration of 7 series cameras and other intelligent industrial products like access control, intruder alarms,  environment monitoring sensors and mass emergency notification systems.

Talk to us about your problem applications, we’ll find a solution that works for you.

MOBOTIX thermal technology makes both heat and cold visible. It is an indispensable tool for fire protection and ensuring the safety of people and objects. 

MOBOTIX thermal cameras also keep track of complex processes, such as production and processing, which saves money and boost profits. 

If you have already clicked the rotating triple-sensor camera on this page,, you will already have navigated to the M73 page. Scroll down, and you’ll see the M73  as a High-End Thermal Imaging Camera. It’s really something special!


Cloud Managed Network Infrastructure

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Network infrastructure is the conduit for everything that relies on The Internet to work. The Network Router or Gateway directs traffic and makes sure everything works together safely and effectively. Most installations also require power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches. 

These are points where failures can occur, although they are designed for reliability.

Our friends at IPTECHVIEW believe in a world of multi-vendor IP Edge devices such as cameras, phones, IoT, alarm, and environmental sensors. These can all coexist in one network, that will work without local servers and are enabled for secure remote monitoring & management. 

Unmonitored devices cause most network infrastructure issues, resulting in costly service calls.

With that in mind,  the IPTECHVIEW™ design team built the SYSTEM web application to oversee and integrate all network infrastructure elements. If a fault in these elements causes a “freeze” a simple power-cycling re-boot from an intelligent power-management device is all that is needed. This device will be included in your SecurityNet system design. 

SecurityNet has been using the IPTECHVIEW platform since early-2020. It achieves amazing levels of reliability. SYSTEM  informs us if anything is wrong with any camera or network device and we can often fix the problem without going to site.

 Similarly, the IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE app, which runs on any computer or mobile device, provides notifications to end-users and allows remote viewing of live and recorded video.

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