User-Centric Cloud Video Surveillance

A Cloud video surveillance subscription for your home makes a lot of sense. Not only can we set up your system remotely, but we provide the assurance that at all times you experience the best image quality and system performance.

Your system is continuously monitored, automatically, and we receive notifications of abnormal conditions.

You can view both live and recorded video from anywhere, and receive notifications by email or SMS of events that you choose to receive.

It makes good financial sense when making a major purchase like video surveillance to consider long-term value for money.

Many people worldwide have MOBOTIX cameras installed in their homes and small business premises. They realise that you get what you pay for, and have been caught before buying a product that has limited capabilities and fails too soon.

Like our industrial clients, they appreciate reliability, ruggedness and longevity.

All MOBOTIX cameras can connect to either the MOBOTIX CLOUD or the IPTECHVIEW platform.

  1. We design your system to suit your needs and your budget.
  2. We’ll demonstrate the features, functions and benefits of cloud platforms and discuss the subscription costs.
  3. We’ll guide your decision, based on what we consider is the best solution for you – on-premises, Cloud or both.

Protecting Your Key People and Corporate Assets

Hybrid work is here to stay, and your Security and HR people are probably already assessing the associated risks to the organisation. If you have an Executive Security Programme, the homes of your key people are their sanctuary, and the last thing they should have to worry about is security.

You can make it easier for them, and your security staff, with secure cloud solutions from SecurityNet and our Technology Partners. We take every aspect of the safety and security of your executives, their families and their assets seriously.

Not only do we have the broad-ranging experience to design solutions that are discrete, but we’ll configure in-camera analytics that are effective in crime prevention and detection.

Furthermore, we make those solutions easy to use.